MCB Instructor 

(600 Hours) This course is designed to prepare a licensed cosmetologist to teach all phases of the basic cosmetology curriculum in a licensed school.
Applicants must have an active cosmetology license to enter this training program.
  • Theoretical concepts
  • Demonstrate practical clinical procedures by first assisting a licensed instructor in the classroom and then completing 130 hours of practice teaching in a classroom
  • Student is taught employability skills and given a review of the cosmetology curriculum.
  • Student is prepared for the state licensing exam for cosmetology instructors

Instructors must:

  • Pass the state practical and written exam prior to being issued a cosmetology instructor license
  • Stand for most of their working hours
  • Work with their hands giving practical demonstrations
  • Not be allergic to the chemicals they use in their work
  • Plan lessons, grade and counsel students
  • Be able to communicate well and should get along with people

Employment opportunities for the licensed Instructor:

  • Schools where they teach cosmetology, nail technology and esthetics
  • Proprietary, vocational and technical schools
  • Opportunities may be either full or part time
  • Earnings increase with experience and vary from one region of the country to another